Inspired by e-commerce.
Fueled by hard work and passion.

We are a diverse team looking to leave a mark on online retail. Do you want to be part of our story?

Team of Distrilink

We want to build the best marketplace agency in Europe.

USP 1 – We win
We are bold and fast.
We have the willpower to conquer the market.
Our hard work and passion are second to none.
USP 2 – We care
We take care of our customers, clients and team.
We deliver our service to the highest standards.
We let our people grow and develop.
USP 3 – We pioneer
Technology is our jam and we flippin' love jam.
We know all the latest innovations in our industry and implement them.
We test and learn. We kill or scale.
USP 4 – We execute
We do not sacrifice quality for quantity.
We have expertise in many industries, both as an agency and as a manufacturer.
We are pragmatic, no-nonsense and honest.

Are you exploring a new career?

Do you have an affinity for IT? Passion for e-commerce?
Or good people skills?
Look no further. We welcome you with open arms.

A word from our amazing clients.

Steven and Jelle of Distrilink.
Distrilink Logo on a building
Distrilink flag
Distrilink Billboard
Distrilink-branded clock

Meet our team.

Online calls have become the norm since COVID, but nothing beats a face-to-face conversation with a good cup of coffee.

Signatures of Steven and Jelle

Steven Van den Ouweland & Jelle Stas
Founders Distrilink

We'd love to hear from you.

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