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Through our step-by-step methodology, we connect your brand with new shoppers worldwide within one to three months.

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Together, we analyze the potential of your brand and what Distrilink can do for you.
We identify the best assortment, channels, and logistics approach for your brand.
We start onboarding your products. You provide info and inventory to begin selling.
Once the first sales come in, we collaborate on optimizing processes.
Customer support and returns are essential in e-commerce. We take care of it all.
Advertising? Highlighting your brand? Exploring new channels? The sky is the limit.

Do you want complete peace of mind, or are you looking for expertise in specific domains?


Frequently Asked Questions.

Why Distrilink?

At Distrilink, we stand for carefree e-commerce. We completely take the burden off your shoulders from A to Z, allowing you to outsource your e-commerce business with peace of mind.

One of our unique USPs is our in-house warehouse. This provides us with flexibility in logistics, both in terms of the type and volume of products we stock, as well as delivery times. Additionally, our Distrilink Acceleration Platform enables us to integrate your brand with all possible e-commerce channels, both within and outside Europe.

With our extensive expertise, we know how to make your brand shine online, both at the micro-level (product page) and macro-level (cross-border).

What services do you offer?

You can find an overview of our services here. You can choose to entrust your entire e-commerce business to us or seek guidance in specific domains.

Can you also build or integrate a webshop?

Certainly! We can build your webshop in a Shopify or WooCommerce environment. Alternatively, we can integrate an existing webshop with our Distrilink Acceleration Platform.

Can we also ship the products from our own warehouse?

Everything is negotiable. We can connect your systems to our IT system. We'll work together to find a tailor-made solution.

Who owns the inventory?

We store and manage the stock in our warehouse (or another fulfillment center), but you remain the owner of the inventory. Exceptions are possible where we may jointly invest in inventory and/or marketing activities.

Do we need to advertise products on marketplaces?

Launching a new brand on online marketplaces is nearly impossible without advertising. We aim to spend approximately 5% of the total revenue on advertisements, depending on the marketing strategy.

Can we integrate your systems with our IT system?

Everything is possible, depending on the scope of the project. Our IT experts ensure a seamless integration.

How long does a partnership last?

We always sign a contract for a minimum of one year. We strongly believe that e-commerce is a long-term investment. A product page usually starts to perform well only after having received about 5 reviews. Therefore, it may take some time before sales pick up.

What are the associated costs?

Depending on the scope of the project, we have various pricing structures. You can find our prices on the pages of our services. Everything else is negotiable.

How long does it take before we can go live?

This strongly depends on the scope of the project. We usually estimate one to three months, including analyzing the potential of your brand and outlining the strategy.

We are a B2B brand and have very little product information. Is this a problem?

We can provide everything for you: from multilingual copy, pack shots to brand videos. We collaborate with external partners such as studio360.

What are the possibilities outside of Europe?

We help connect your brand with shoppers worldwide, both in Europe and beyond.

Do we retain control over our brand?

Yes, you retain complete control over your brand. Through brand registration, we avoid copyright infringements and inaccurate information from third-party sellers. Ideally, we aim for online exclusivity so that we can manage the customer journey entirely and counteract price erosion, positively impacting our joint margin and overall revenue.

As a brand owner, you also have an advantage on the marketplaces, providing you with more opportunities for advertising or highlighting your brand story.

How about VAT filings?

Handling VAT filings abroad can be challenging. Fortunately, we have extensive experience in this area and can completely take care of it for you. We can also manage compliance documents (such as EPR) on your behalf, provided we receive sufficient input.

Which marketplaces & countries do you support?

We can onboard you on all major online marketplaces worldwide. Specific questions? Contact us, and we'll explore the possibilities.

Can you help us with multilingual content?

Our in-house content specialists can provide content in Dutch and English. For other languages, we collaborate with external partners.

How about customer support?

Distrilink takes care of customer service and returns. Our team is available every working day during office hours and provides support in multiple languages.

How do we get started?

Contact us and we'll get started right away! Here you can read about our approach."

This is why you choose us.

We can take over your entire e-commerce business. Or part of it. You decide.
Strong Track Record
We have over 20 years of experience in retail, both as an agency and as a manufacturer.
Own Warehouse
Thanks to our own warehouse, we are very flexible in terms of stock and delivery times.
Central Platform
Stock, content, and data analysis happen from one location: our Distrilink Acceleration Platform.
No Upfront Investment Required
We have all the expertise and IT facilities in-house, including the right logistical network to support you.

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