Distrilink opens its own warehouse

Distrilink opens its own warehouse

To respond to our clients’ logistics challenges, we have opened our own warehouse in Merksem. This opens up a barrel of new logistics possibilities and underlines our status as Europe’s most versatile e-commerce agency.

1. We guarantee optimal service.

From now on, we are no longer solely dependent on third parties. That means we have full control over what we keep in stock, how we handle returns & which partners we work with to deliver your products to the customer.

This does not mean that fulfilment options (such as LVB or FBA) can no longer be interesting. We also continue to work with our 3PL partners. Depending on the needs of your brand, we choose the best solution.

2. We reduce costs. Both for you and for us.

The pricing of your products remains one of the key differentiators on marketplaces. Every euro cent can have an impact on your conversion rate and determine whether you win the buy box.

Thus, we both benefit from reducing costs to maximise our profit margins. By gaining more control over the financial process, we reduce expenses and have a better understanding of the full cost picture.

3. We offer more logistics options.

Shipping a parcel intercontinentally? Creating a virtiual bundle or free goods promo? Is your product too big or too heavy to ship via the fulfilment options of marketplaces? Or do you have other specific needs when stocking or shipping your products?

We have no predefined rules. We start with a carte blanche and everything is negotiable.

Not only our warehouse, but also our entire team has moved to Eugeen Meeusstraat 89 in Merksem. Will you come and take a look?

Not yet a client of Distrilink?

We would love to see what we can do for your company.
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