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Customer Case: Ecover

Ecover, the leading manufacturer of ecological cleaning products, approached us in 2019 to sell their products online. Today, this is one of our top-performing brands.

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Year-over-Year Growth

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Product Pages

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Advertising Cost of Sales

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About the customer.

In 1979, Frans Van Den Boogaert founded Ecover, a brand with a long history as a pioneer in the field of ecological alternatives for laundry and cleaning products. Ecover is widely available in European supermarkets and is the leader in ecological household products.

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Ecover primarily focuses on B2B, so selling directly to customers online requires a significant change in the business and IT infrastructure. That's why they came to us.

Setting up on online marktplaces from scratch.
Winning the buy box from non-compliant sellers.
Molding marketplaces into successful sales channels.
Gaining insights beneficial to Ecover.

This is what we do.

Creation Account
Building Product Pages
Ads and Promos
Account Follow-up

Word from our client.

Thanks to our collaboration with Distrilink, we were able to significantly scale our products and brand visibility on various marketplaces such as Bol and Amazon. The setup is quick and straightforward, as adding our products to additional platforms takes days, not weeks or months.

Working with the team has been smooth, as they possess a wealth of knowledge, and communication is clear. Marketplace sales are now an integral part of our e-commerce strategy - I look forward to continuing to scale our brand online with the Distrilink team!

Julie Wauters
E-Commerce Manager ECOVER
Laptop with three Ecover product pages

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